166. Horse Meas. Cane
Offered at $2,150
166. Presentation Horse Measuring Cane with ' C. P. Shipley, Kansas City, Mo.' Cartouch stamped onto the Alligator Leather. Cane is 38" tall folded up. When extended out to measure a 17 Hands tall horse it is about 70" tall. The folding ruler portion is solid brass and calibrated to 1/4 hands. The cane is covered in alligator hide dyed black in color and is in excellent condition. There is a very attractive bamboo root bulb knob at the end of the handle. Silver presentation plaque has turned a dark patina and reads: " Given To W. E. Atkinson by E. A. Lund Sept. 5, 1946". This is by far the fanciest horse measuring cane I have ever seen!.
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