We offer collectibles from our American heritage for sale: antique weapons, related accessories and  Americanna.  Major manufacturers represented include Winchester, Marlin, Remington, Colt and Smith & Wesson.  The age of these offerings centers around the time of this Nation's Centennial.  There was plenty  of  adventure to go around during this period as we pushed west toward the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  Mass-produced rifles, carbines, revolvers and pistols allowed for the interchangeability of parts and ammunition.  The romance and love of the old West has inspired us to collect these essential instruments of firepower.  Absolutely necessary for protection and the procurement of game, these weapons were treasured by our predecessors.  The original caretakers of these weapons paid a fraction of what we now expend to collect these historical tools.  Investment in these arms paid off for the original owners and continues to reward the subsequent caretakers of these pieces of American History.  Want to gamble?  Play the stock market.  Want to make a solid investment that you can physically touch and visually appreciate?  Collect pieces of our American Heritage.

Many of my initial offerings are from my personal collection.  Many of these collectible guns are engraved in the recognizeable American scroll style.  Many were engraved by the famed New York City engraver- Louis D. Nimschke.  He was among the most prolific artisans of this era.  He was independent and thus embellished an  astounding range of makes and models.  The quality of his workmanship is well known and respected by all.